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Creating a gender just society

Compiled by: Pabita Dahal
wow photo file © Ram Tandukar/ Gokul Shrees

Rahisha Shrestha Shah
Director, Jawalakhel Group of Industries

In the past, women have always been homemakers and caretakers of the family, and men have always been the providers. Women were and still are the backbones of their family. Fortunately for me, being brought up in a family where I was always encouraged and supported, I feel thankful to all the strong women who had a hand in raising me, mainly my grandmothers and my mother.

Times are changing and women are more determined to make a mark and contribute to the world. To be honest, in the current context, I believe that women have more challenges than men in the society. In addition to being breadwinners they are still expected to perform the primary role of caretakers of the family. In order to create a gender just society, I believe one has to start with breaking gender norms. And this takes place with education and providing our children with equal rights and equal opportunities. Also, with the belief that they need to contribute in all aspects of life, whether it is caring for their family or providing for them. I am always proud to see women and men who break barriers, and I look forward to the future where it is a gender-just world.