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Creativity & Faith

She loves art and spirituality and believes in leading a full life based on principles of simplicity and creativity. Daljit Sudan, the designer is no different in her approach to work. Her designs are simple and elegant created with a sharp focus on perfection. She translates her life philosophies of faith and spirituality in her designs creating wearable art that makes a woman feel cherished.

What is fashion for you?
Fashion, for me, is a practice… a behaviour rather than a trend. I do not believe that to be fashionable means to be on constant display of external trends but to consistently reflect your personality.

What does your store Daljit Sudan offers to fashion lovers?
My store, Daljit Sudan, named after me, offers a unique interpretation inspired by my current (spiritual) state of mind. While I am aware of and updated about fashion trends, I am rarely inspired by them. I offer out of the box designs that my clients will be proud to carry.

Your fashion icon/ inspiration?
I do not have a fashion icon. I am inspired by whatever I see and experience around me.

What is your favourite trend this year?
Like I said, I am not for trends. Every day, every year, your fashion style should be comfortable, cool, unique to yourself, and suit your personality

…And what would you like to see disappear?
I think there is space for all kinds of creativity and style. Having said that, I do not appreciate too much colour contrast like pink and green and I find black and red combinations boring.

Describe your ‘I made it moment’.
Every moment I make art is like an ‘I made it moment’ for me.

3 must have’s in a woman’s wardrobe
A pair of blue jeans, crisp white shirt and a black handbag… you can never go wrong with these.

What hot for summer 2017?
Pastels and floral prints, in mulmul and linen

Fashion tips for the woman of today.
Don’t copy others, dress according to your age and body type. Play with cuts and colours to enhance parts you would like to highlight or conceal parts you are uncomfortable with. For instance, just because off-shoulders are in trend and being worn by your friends does not mean you should do the same if you find it uncomfortable. Discomfort and mismatch with personality is obvious through the clothes one wears.

Do you believe in age appropriate dressing?
Yes, I do. For instance, teenagers wearing saris and post 40 women wearing tank tops and miniskirts with ponytails are not my style.

How important is accessorising your outfit?
Very important. But it is important that accessories do not overshadow your entire get up.

How much importance do you give to comfort while designing?
Top priority in my design is comfort. Designs that inhibit your normal body movements like your normal stride while you walk, normal posture while you sit, eat and breathe.

Can style be acquired?
No, it comes from within, although you may take time to recognise and adopt the style consciously. One can be inspired by one’s environment and learn but your unique style is inborn not acquired and is evident even in what you learn and display.

Signature style
Clean cuts, minimalist

A fashion indulgence…
A Louis Vuitton handbag