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Text: Anushka Shrestha
Photos: Ram Tandukar

Saniaa Shah has over eight years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry. Writing, brand communication and makeovers, digital marketing, ad campaigns, strategy, consumer insights, video production and film are all words that pique her interest.

She very recently tied the knot with filmmaker Eelum Dixit with whom she co-founded their creative company, Studio Aakar. WOW chats with the newlywed to know what makes her life beautiful.

How would you introduce yourself?

Ad woman, Digital Marketer, Production Executive, Co-founder of Studio Aakar, avid reader and aspiring writer

Currently busy with

Developing feature film scripts and producing ad films

What do you love about your work?

That creativity is priority

What makes a person beautiful?

Kindness, empathy, confidence, strength, Zen-like peace

What makes you beautiful?

My candour

What makes life beautiful

The beautiful, inspiring women in my life

What tickles your funny bones

Conversations with my dad on Whatsapp

What makes you smile

My husband Eelum’s face lighting up with an idea

Therapy for happiness

Coffee with my best friend

Current perfume

Bvlgari Omnia (Coral)

You are addicted to


On your wish list

A trip to Italy

You stay fit by

Spending on a gym membership that guilts me into going

Best year of your life

All my childhood years were amazing

Latest splurge

We just bought an awesome 4K TV with all our wedding gift money


Clean face by bedtime and sunscreen every morning.


OnePlus phone, Macbook computer, and my awesome headset – Sony WH 1000XM3

Style Icons

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Always in your handbag

Hand cream, makeup essentials, a notebook, my current read… my whole world (laughs).

To unwind…

I watch standup comedy

Favourite holiday destination

Paris, Barcelona, Bali

You always struggle with

Deciding what to order from the menu

Best thing about being you

Being so loved by all sides of the family

Makeup I can’t do without

Lipstick, eye pencil and Vaseline

Favourite makeup brands:

Revolution for eye shadow, MAC or NARS for lips, Benefit for lashes, Indian brands for kajal.

3 things you absolutely do to look your best

Get ample sleep, try to avoid chocolate and smile

On a bad hair day

Dry shampoo gives it instant volume!

One tip you learnt that makes you photo ready

Fresh lipstick and a great mood

What do you like doing in your spare time?

Curl up with Netflix or a book

Guilty pleasure


Favourite place to eat in Kathmandu

Fire n Ice is always a good idea.

One thing you can’t do without