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WOW annual list of eligible bachelors 2016

Cyrus Jung Gurung

Age: 26
Address: Kathmandu
Profession: Fitness Trainer and Kickboxing Instructor
Zodiac: Cancer
Instagram: @cjgurung

A sportsperson by profession and a gentleman at heart, Cyrus Jung Gurung may have a quiet persona but that is what really draws women to him. Like a mystery to be solved, you want to know more about him.


What attracts you in a woman

Intelligence, eyes and smile

Three things a woman should know about you

Passion for training, food hygiene, and my love for coffee

The nicest thing you’ve ever done for a woman

Wrote an actual love letter in today’s virtual generation

On a romantic date, you…

I would spend the whole day cycling and hiking with a woman and then take her out for dinner

Relationship fear


Baffling woman behaviour

Unnecessary drama

How do you show a woman that you are interested in her?

Good conversation and good coffee

Ideal age to settle down

As long as you’re stable, whenever you’re ready

How long should great sex last?

A gentleman should not disclose such information

You know you are in love when…

I get butterflies every time I see her and we feel safe with each other

How well educated should she be?

Education is a must. However, I would never judge a woman on that.