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Do you feel judged by women on how much money you can make, how you look or how successful you are?

Deepak Ghimire
International Runway Model / Event Manager

Man is always synonymous with being strong, sure and solid. Because of this perception, today’s women add up more to these adjectives of men being rich, successful and what not. So the quest of living up to manhood is not just about fun and football. Society is always watching and judging their performance. On the flip side, women are also judged and treated like property to be acquired. Women all over the world are starving themselves and having surgery to hold on their youth and weight.

So precisely the world has two set of standards – women are treated like property and men are treated in terms of merit. Therefore both men and women have become victims of these never ending standards. Hence, in my opinion both men and women, instead of tearing people into mere adjectives, should appreciate each other’s existence and respect people for who they are.