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Fight for this love

Deepesh Dhakal
Coordinator of Volunteers and Communications,
KATM Kathmandu Animal Treatment Centre

How did you come to love animals?

I grew up surrounded by animals, cows, pigeons, rabbits, dogs and cats. I feel each animal has their own cognition.Pigeons are marvellous at displaying love, cows are super kind and intelligent, and dogs are the most loyal creatures.

What made you feel you should stand up for animal welfare?

There’s a Youtube video which shows a dog being abused in middle of the street. He is hit by a huge plank, shot multiple times and stoned to death. In my ideal world, this wouldn’t happen. Also, I get very disheartened at the sight of buffaloes when they are taken to the slaughterhouse tightly stacked and tied, sustaining graphic wounds on their bodies and some even dying on the torturous journey. The lack of sympathy in people is what got me concerned about the condition of animals.

“If you want to help dogs, cats and monkeys in Nepal, the first step is to get them  vaccinated against rabies”

Most memorable moment with your pet

Two years back, I met my dog at the KAT Centre. We instantly connected. He started following me everywhere at work. After a few days, I adopted him. That will always remain a very special moment for me.

Another incident is with my other dog Moti. He was just a puppy when he jumped from the first floor trying to catch a chicken bone. It gave me a total fright. I literally ran and brought him up. Fortunately, he was not injured but I still shiver when I think about it.

WHAT IS the current situation for animals in Nepal?

It seems that wild animals are doing better with strict laws against poachers. Yet, birds and small animals are still being illegally sold in the black market. The central zoo does not cater to the needs of animals. Many of the enclosures are not large enough for the animals to maintain distance which might stress them out. Also, I am hoping that the news about the zoo opening for 24 hours is not true. We still require more animal education and proper laws.

However, on a positive note, the spray, neuter and vaccination programmes have been really effective and the stray animal population have come under control.

Your message to animal lovers

I send my gratitude to all the animal lovers for having a kind and compassionate heart. If you want to help dogs, cats and monkeys in Nepal, the first step is to get them  vaccinated against rabies.