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A Different kind of Love

Six beautiful stories that reflect the bond between owners and their furry companions.

Dr. Chiranjivi Nepal Governor, Nepal Rastriya Bank | The relationship between Chiranjivi and Dollar is like that of best friends.

Dr. Chiranjivi Nepal

Governor, Nepal Rastriya Bank

The relationship between Chiranjivi and Dollar is like that of best friends.

Do you believe pets make your life healthier?

Yes, of course. When everything is going wrong and you go home with a heavy heart, you see your pet wagging his tail. He is there welcoming you with all his love and showing his happiness in seeing you home even when the whole country isn’t. Dollar helps me keep my anger and frustrations at bay; pets can definitely contribute to making our lives healthier and happier.

Dogs can be destructive, have you ever felt like giving up?

No, not really. I had a female Japanese spitz named Fuchhi who was very aggressive and used to bite people. She used to create a lot of mayhem especially during vaccinations. But despite it all, I never thought of giving up on her because any pet owner is soft hearted and I can’t be cruel to any creature. Unfortunately Fuchhi died due to liver problems. She was with us for 13 years. Now whenever I think of her, she brings a smile on my face and I still miss her.

Perks and difficulties of owning a pet

Having dogs is a big responsibility because once you own one, it’s already a part of your family. You need to think about its food, vaccination and shelter among others. It makes you worried especially when you are travelling. It’s important not to forget that a good relationship between the human being and its animal is based on mutual respect, knowledge and love.

What is the weirdest/most adorable thing your pet did recently?

Dollar is a very active and a loving pet anybody would love to have. As soon as he sees my car approach, he gets nearer and leans on my lap. The one thing I like most about him is that he gets into his kennel whenever guests come into our house. He is very well-trained and a dutiful pet.

A favourite memory…

There was a time when I had to do a radio interview and I had taken Fuchhi along with me. To all our surprise, she sat on my lap all calm and quiet throughout the entire interview!

Mamata Pradhan

Social worker/ General Secretary Nepal Turkey Foundation


A dog is your most trusted friend, Mamata believes that whether you are happy or sad a dog is always with you patiently waiting to cheer you up. Helping you get both physically fit and emotionally strong, having a dog is like having a personal trainer and your best friend in one.

Every day with your pet…

Every morning they greet me with enthusiasm. Their loving looks are more than enough for me to feel happy. Moreover, it is the best feeling to cuddle them. Sometimes, when they are outside, and cry/bark to get my attention, I feel as if my children are missing me, and in a way it is like having a child around.

Dogs can be destructive, have you ever felt like giving up?

I have experienced that during their early development stage, some dogs can be destructive. A true pet lover never gets tired of trying to improve the habits of those puppies. However, I have been lucky that after growing up, no dogs have shown a destructive nature in my home. I feel that people’s attitudes and treatment ultimately shapes the dog’s nature.

Having pets has its perks and difficulties, what are yours?

It is completely in the mindset. If you do not like dogs, if you can’t stand their barking, you will find it impossible to live with them. But I enjoy my dogs. When you understand your dogs, there is no issue of difficulty, for instance dogs make different sounds for different needs, once you understand that, it becomes easy.

What is the weirdest/most adorable thing your pet did recently?

One of my pets is a Japanese Spitz called Saanee. She is very sensitive and behaves as per my mood. If I scold her for anything, she goes immediately to my husband for support. Even if I talk to other dogs in a loud voice, she goes to her room. And interestingly, she is also quite jealous. She used to overtake my Tibetan Mastiff Ruff. Now I have another small puppy, a Labrador Golden Retriever. Her name is Saaya. Saanee is so possessive that she pulls Saaya away from us, and sometimes stands in between to prevent Saaya from reaching me.

Choice of breed – the deciding factor

I already had a big dog – a Tibetan Mastiff, and wanted to own a small breed as well. When a friend offered me this Japanese Spitz, I was more than happy. But I do not have breed preference. In the past, I have also kept stray dogs in my house. Once, I found a pregnant stray dog around our home. I brought her in, comforted her to deliver the puppies, and also raised those puppies. One puppy stayed with us all his life. However, after seeing the movie Buddy, I wanted a golden retriever.

What is a favourite memory…

When Ruff was young, he was very close to my son. We used to close his eyes and ask our son to hide somewhere. Ruff never failed to find him.
The dog was also really fond of games and tricks, he was trained to fetch the newspaper and give it to my husband. So every morning, he would give the newspaper to no one else but my husband. Ruff lived with us for 13 years.
Also, both my dogs sleep in my room and in the night, if they need to go out, they wake me by climbing on my bed and/or licking my face.

Akshata Shrestha

Foreign Exchange Cashier, Nepal Investment Bank

The love of three amazing dogs over compensates their little antics. A pet lover, Akshata knows the value of her pets and will do anything for them.


Every day with your pet…

Snuggling with my dogs (Lucky (Nepali local), Jhumsae and Bruno (Lhasa Apso)) after a hard day of work instantly makes me happy and relaxed. Spending time with my dogs playing, kissing and pampering, eliminates stress and improves my overall sense of wellbeing. My mood is always cheerful when I am with them.

Do you believe pets make your life healthier?

It only takes a few minutes with my dogs to feel less anxious and less stressed. They definitely have a positive impact on my mood. My dogs have unconditional acceptance and love for me and give so much security. Given that lately most of people are suffering from mental stress I would suggest them to get a pet.


The main difficulties having pets, faced not only by me but almost everyone, is that sometimes they can be quite reckless about nature’s call and then you are left to clean up the mess afterwards.

What is the weirdest/most adorable thing your pet did recently?

The weirdest thing my dogs do is that whenever we come back to the house, they will not stop barking until we tell them where we are coming from.
Also, every morning they have to visit everyone’s room.

Your favourite memory…

When they were small puppies, I would take care of them like babies, feed them milk from a bottle and even wake up in the middle of night to feed them.
One of my favourite memories is with Lucky when he was about to pee on my aunt’s head while she was sleeping . But, honestly every moment spent with them is special.


Seetashma Thapa

Public Information Officer, United Nation World Food Programme

Always ready to brighten Seetashma’s day, her dog Sasha is a friend that unfailingly shows her excitement and rambunctious behaviour every single time.


Every day with your pet…

I leave for work around 8:30am every day and come back home after 11 hours – extremely tired and exhausted. To my surprise, I find my dog waiting in the driveway. When I get out of my car she jumps, sniffs and licks like she has seen me after ages. This happens every day.

Do you believe pets make your life healthier?

Pets do make your lives healthier. Playing with them and giving into their little games is a total stress buster.

Dogs can be destructive, have you ever felt like giving up?

Dogs can be extremely destructive. Sasha has chewed up my phone charger, table lamp shades, towels, socks and a whole lot of things. There were times when I wanted to give up on her for doing such things but when you have a pet you are attached to it and have unconditional love for them. Instead of giving up on them, you deal with their problems with patience and some loud “No’s”. To my relief, she has stopped destroying things now.


The only thing that worries me sometimes is that my dog does not realise how big she is and by accident she could hurt my little niece Amaya. She likes to give her paw to the baby which is really sweet but that could hurt a little baby unintentionally.

What is the weirdest/most adorable thing your pet did recently?

Every morning when I get into the car to go to work, she likes to join me. Recently, she has started to jump on the car, seeking attention to get in and go on a drive.

Choice of breed – the deciding factor

My brother Siddhartha brought Sasha after our previous St. Bernard died. At that point, we hadn’t gotten over the death of Lassie and were not ready to have a new dog. But my mum decided to keep Sasha especially because she was not perfect; she has six toes on both her hind feet.

A favourite memory…

It was during one of the aftershocks. Sasha has been extremely terrified by the earthquake, aftershocks and the earthquake alarm. Last time we had a big aftershock, she ran with me as I went to make sure my baby niece Amaya was okay. When I sat on the sofa next to Amaya, she licked the baby’s hand and curled up next to her. It was so cute that such a big dog was seeking comfort and safety from a 10 month old baby.


Kunal Lama

Proprietor, Café Mitra

Kunal Lama and his troupe of three have a unique relationship. Each of his three adopted street dogs have distinct quirks and personalities, providing endless fun memories to last several lifetimes says the owner.


Do you believe pets make our life healthier?

Absolutely, and richer. I treat my dogs as an essential part of my life. Each of them provides company and entertains my friends with their quirky personalities and antics.

Dogs can be destructive, have you ever felt like giving up?

I have lost many slippers and shoes to discover them in pieces and found furniture with badly nibbled corners. However, these are small sacrifices for they bring so much fun to my life.

Perks and difficulties of owning a pet…

Dogs have so much unique personality, especially the street dogs I have adopted. When I see the pathetic state of street dogs, I want to bring all of them to my restaurant Café Mitra in Thamel where I also reside. Wish I had more space to accommodate more of them.

What is the weirdest/most adorable thing your pet did recently?

Last year, when the earthquake struck, the youngest puppy was nowhere to be seen. After a frantic search, we found her by a brick wall in the garden covered with ferns. This was the puppy that disappeared last year in mid September. Her name is “Raati” because she came to us in the night. We miss her dearly, and pray she comes home soon.

Choice of breed – the deciding factor

Nowadays, I only adopt street dogs as they have such a miserable existence. My first dog was a pedigree black and white English Springer Spaniel called Sherry. Brandy was her father, and her mother Rakshi!

A favourite memory…

Every moment I spend with them.

Dipesh Kunwar

Proprietor, Embers Restaurant

The bond between Dipesh and his dogs is enormous. No matter what mood he is in, his pets always have one mood – happy and playful. His dog are his best friends. He feels blessed to have them in his life.


Do you believe pets make your life healthier?

Pets help you to loosen up and free your mind from the stressful events of the day. Happy life will lead to a healthy life.

Dogs can be destructive, have you ever felt of giving up?

Even people are reckless. I think it’s natural for your pet to go out of line sometimes but you have to train them well so they don’t trouble you much.

Perks and difficulties of owning a pet…

If you cannot give enough time to your pets, then you can forget about having one, because pets need a good master and for that one needs to give time to their pets regularly.

What is the weirdest/most adorable thing your pet did recently?

Every time my pug gets excited, she starts running around the room like crazy. Chasing after her tail is her favourite past time.

Choice of breed – the deciding factor

I adopted my husky when I was in college, and since then I think I have made the best decision of my life choosing this breed. They are very agile, playful, full of energy and gorgeous.

A favourite memory…

Any day that I get enough time to spend with my pets is a memorable day.