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Dikila Lama

Dikila lama

Dikila loves acrylic and watercolour painting and sketching in her free time. She studies in France and says that “Out of all the experiences 2017 gave me, I have learned that time is precious. Days, months go by but what you truly make out of that time is what’s important in the end.”

Jan: I started the year trekking with my dad and friends to Annapurna Base Camp. It's supposed to be off-season for trekking at this time but we still made it to the base camp, past small blizzards and slippery ridges. I got to experience and see a side of my country that I had never seen before. It was a once in a life time adventure.

Feb: The month of love spent with the people I love and cherish.

March: Dubai: the most glamorous destination of the world.

Apr: Welcoming spring with a much needed celebratory drink.

May: First swim of summer 2017 wearing a swimsuits by Anne Cole, an American brand who sent it to me.

June: What's summer without a classic crisp white shirt?

July: After doing a kora in Boudhhanath stupa, stopped by for some pizza.

Aug: Dad's birthday lunch. Of course I had to colour co-ordinate my shirt with the fries!

Sept: The most exciting and challenging month for me. The beginning of a new chapter in my life.

Oct: Getting used to Parisian culture and you can never get enough of the Eiffel tower.