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How confident are you about your capabilities and how do you integrate your strengths into life?

Dikshya Upadhyay
Costume Designer/ Fashion Illustrator/
Stylist/ Craft Blogger

I’ve always been a little more on the introvert side growing up and kept a lot of things to myself. I remember caring so much about how other people thought about me and my work, I was afraid that people were going to judge me. As a grown woman now, many things have changed. Especially after working in the professional world, I am more outspoken and am set free of a lot of my insecurities. As an artist I often have to deal with different people and pay attention to diverse perspectives as well as criticism. For me the ability to transform fear into focused thinking and action is confidence.

I consider myself as work-in-progress. But I have definitely created a life with a purposeful vision. And this reminds me constantly of my goals and desires to make myself proud of what I do and will be doing. I aim to turn risks into opportunities, complexities into innovation, flaws into improvement.