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Do people judge you by how you dress?

Jyotsna Sainju

CEO, Mount Princess Hotel Dhulikhel

Yes, people judge me by my outfits all the time. I normally wear dresses, they are my favourite. I am just addicted to black dresses. Like it or not, you are being judged by how you look, how you dress. I used to teach in college and I have been told to wear a kurtha whenever I went there wearing pants and tee-shirts.

I am young and so want to dress my age. I usually wear dresses and pants. However, currently being the CEO of a hotel, people expect me to be dressed very immaculately but I do it in my own usual way which even results in some people not being convinced of my actual position at work. Having said that, a doctor’s competency isn’t decreased if s/he wears leather pants and a rock star’s singing ability isn’t decreased if s/he wears a white coat.
I think judging someone on how they dress is just presumptuous and lazy. For me clothes are pure fun.