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Do people judge you by how you dress?

Shruti Rajya Laxmi Singh

Singer/ Songwriter

I believe clothes have a lot to do with others’ impression of us as well as our impressions of others. I might as well add that you’ll be treated better if you’re appropriately dressed. I, for one, believe that any kind of clothing we put on and its quality are judged. Being a plus-sized girl, I can’t really pull off everything that’s trending. I don’t wear attires that, I feel, do not complement my body. I’d never want to appear overdressed in the name of fashion. On the contrary, my emphasis rests on appearing elegant and presentable by getting everything together.

Folks I’ve met so far have been really good to me. I have never been negatively criticised for my attire and I appreciate that whole heartedly. But there is no denying that there are people who judge others based on their appearances every single day. So, do well. Live well. And dress really, really well.