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Do people judge you by how you dress?

Sudeep Karmacharya

Chairman, Guheshwori Saving & Credit Co-Operative

People definitely judge me by the way I dress. There are many things we can infer from the way someone dresses. Dressing well is not that important if you are good at what you do. But a well-dressed person is always taken more seriously and commands more attention from people especially in a professional environment. We live in a world where our looks speaks before we do. Hence, sometimes we need to look the part to play the part. Dressing well comes from dressing as per our body shape, profession, and the kind of image that we wish to project.


I do know that it’s the character, behaviour and nature of a person that matters and I definitely agree to that. We shouldn’t judge people by their dressing just as we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but then, why are the covers so different? Because it’s human nature to judge people based on their appearance, at least for a while. Mind you, the first impression is the last impression. Some day, when people get to know you, they will value your inner beauty, just like a book when it has been read. Until such a time comes, dress well because even if it’s the story that melts the heart, it’s the cover that pleases the eyes.