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Do people judge you by how you dress?

Swati Singh Shahi,

Dentist, Smile Square Dental Care Centre

As much as we would like to believe otherwise, people tend to judge a book by its cover. As a dentist, people often undermine your ability if you don’t look older than your age. Dress in a kurtha (bonus glasses), they heed your word. On the other hand, dress your age and some even ask for senior doctors. Personally, people are obsessed with married women who don’t look married enough! While the husbands get a free pass, a woman decked up in ornaments and red signifies utter marital bliss and are even subjected to air kisses at parties. Plainly dressed, you’re wallpaper. The only place I don’t feel judged by what I wear or how I appear is when I write my blog and play with my daughter! One definitely needs to appear neat, decent and clean, and that should be about it, without having to face the pressure of buying high-end designer clothes which cost more than your salary!