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Aman Pratap Adhikary
Director, Himalaya Roadies, Ko Banchha Crorepati, Kripa Unplugged

As I am involved in the media industry, I am active on social media from the time I wake up till the time I fall asleep. Observing the posts I come through on social media, I would like to say that posts regarding precaution and safety issues are heartily welcome as these posts benefit users like us in some way or the other.

Having said this, there are people who post illogical and hoax content as well. These people tend to create panic, especially at times like this when the world is going through a pandemic. But these situations also test how smart and aware we are. As a responsible social media user, it is our duty not to believe all the content we come across in our feed. Just a few days back, fake audio and videos about the pandemic were going viral. I deleted people who were sharing these content from my friends list as I don’t entertain such activities.