WOW | What You Think


Sagarika Shrestha
Emcee/ RJ

My feed was full of fake news, stupid conspiracy theories and misleading information in the first few days of the pandemic. And to someone like me who spends hours on social media, these news just added to the panic and anxiety. But with time, we all got a little more aware and conscious about what we post and come across on our social media feed.

Like everything else social media has its pros and cons. It is actually refreshing to see how everyone is coming together to share their ideas on making this quarantine productive. Social media might be a useful tool for communication and entertainment, but using it excessively can cause anxiety as one may become the victim of unrealistic expectations, judgment and pressure. Today, social media has spread so much fear regarding the global health crisis. We are not even sure about the credibility of the sources. Hence, I request everyone not to panic as all the information we come across on social media may not even be true.