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Prakriti Bhattarai Basnet
Youth Activist

In a young democracy like ours where speech is free and literacy rate is comparatively low I find it very normal to have fake news around. However, I cannot undermine the impact that it can create in our society as a whole. Firstly I would like to applaud the government for taking immediate action against the ones who are spreading fake news. We as citizens play a vital role in controlling this clickbait culture. I would like to urge everyone to double check their news reliability. Meanwhile, recently we also saw that even reliable sources have not been able to deliver correct information. Hence, we need to take action. Most of us come across such fake news but are hesitant about reporting them. We need to understand that our education is of no use if we can’t take action during crisis. We should take action and report such news portals and YouTube channels.

I spend about four to five hours on social media. I have subscribed to reliable and official news sites. But not everyone using social sites will be aware about which of them deliver authentic news. My mother sometimes makes me anxious about the posts she sees on her feed and when she worries too much. This stresses me but I can do nothing. I can’t stop people from sharing fake news. All I can do is aware them to check their source.

I insist everybody to ask these questions before sharing anything: Is the content that I am sharing rooted in truth? Is the source reliable? Why am I sharing this news? Will it help the society to unite or divide? How would I feel about this post in a day, a year and 10 years down?