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Does your job define your identity?

pooja-shresthaPooja Shrestha

Architect, Kathmandu Valley Development Authority (Lalitpur)

My job most certainly does not define my identity. My identity is more concerned with who I am as a person but my job is simply what I do for a living. It is not that they are not linked at all as my job is a part of my identity and what I do does reflect who I am.

Creativity comes from within me, that is what led me to choose architecture. As an architect I have been able to harness my ingenuity and use it to create designs and structures that reflect a part of me in them. I work in a semi government office which requires me to deal with diverse people, it is my integrity which helps me deal with their queries and come up with best solutions to address their problems and work on development projects.

My job might change over the course of time and it will help me grow as a person but my identity never will… and that is reflected through my core values and beliefs.