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Does your job define your identity?

pragati-bajracharyaPragati Bajracharya


I think what defines my identity is not the job I have, my appearance, wealth or intelligence but it’s more about my character and what I stand for. After all, what truly defines us is ourselves. Our identity is often judged based on the job titles we hold without really understanding who we are as a person.

Sure, my job plays a part in influencing my identity as I consistently devote my time and energy towards it. But there is a life besides work too where I chase different passions and interests. There is a side of me that may not be reflected in my job. My job is volatile to constant change. Today, I may be working for an international corporation aiming at raising its profit and tomorrow it may be somewhere else tackling real world issues like poverty and hunger. Consequently, there isn’t just one thing that defines my identity rather it’s a combination of multitude experiences and influences that have shaped me into who I am.