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Does your job define your identity?

pratistha-thapaPratistha Thapa

Kathmandu Operations Manager, Possible

The last six months working with Possible have been a truly invigorating experience. The core objective of ‘Possible’ is to establish a free, high-quality healthcare system in rural Nepal. I manage operations, procurement, and the supply chain from Kathmandu to ensure medical teams in Achham and Dolakha can provide quality service.

My job aligns with my belief of free healthcare in the country, which is already a constitutional right. My work gives me the opportunity to serve people, work with diverse groups, and travel within Nepal – things that I always enjoy.

However, it wouldn’t be fair to say my job description or my title defines me as a person in its entirety. My varied interests and different roles at work and home reflect that my job is not my sole identity. I juggle my professional work and personal life to ensure I have best of both worlds and shape my personality and identity.