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Does your job define your identity?

Situ-PradhanSitu Pradhan

Policy and Research Officer, Oxfam GB

I grew up listening to stories about my grandfather. He was a visionary economist serving as the lead economist for South Asia in the World Bank U.S. back in the 70’s and later returned to Nepal to serve his own country making contributions to policy change. His dedication to help Nepal was strong and genuine, and that was when I knew that I wanted to be just like him. Starting my career as a Program Officer in SAWTEE, a regional policy advocacy think tank, I got the opportunity to work on projects related to international trade and gender. The travel opportunity which took me to remote districts of Nepal helped me understand development challenges better… it also sparked my inner wanderlust. Currently, I am appointed as Policy and Research Officer in Oxfam GB, my job responsibilities include undertaking research and policy analysis towards poverty alleviation. I want to become a change agent through progressive development policies and also follow in my grandfather’s footsteps. That being said, I also love fashion, partying, salsa dancing, singing and I dream of becoming an entrepreneur one day. So, although my work essentially does define who I am, there are many other dimensions to me which are not restricted to my job.