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Does your job define your identity?

Sunita-GurungSunita Gurung

Project Manager, Art and Soul Project

I grew up in a village in Kaski and as the eldest daughter in the family, I had to take up the role of a subordinate mother to my siblings at a very young age. I needed to grow up and be someone responsible that my sisters and my brother could look up to. It was difficult because even I was just a child then and did not have a guiding figure in my life. I learnt to love, to give and to help, and that became an innate part of my identity.

I feel the work I am doing now is an extension of my childhood experiences. I know how it feels to not have someone who nurtures you and encourages you when you are young, and how much difference that can make. I have been fortunate to find opportunities and now am in a position where I can contribute to making a difference in the lives of children in difficult circumstances. That is what we are trying to do through the Art and Soul Project, which is more of a passion than a job. We work with children from disadvantaged backgrounds, using various activities, from music to sports to even cooking, to help them channel their expression, explore their creative side and hopefully realise their potential. I was once where they are, so now I am with them.