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Does your job define your identity?

Tsering-Dekyi-LamaTsering Dekyi Lama

Marketing Executive, Gokarna Forest Resort

As much as I enjoy my job immensely, I cannot exactly say that it defines me. I love the fact that my job lets me learn new things every day. Meeting new people and getting to see how things really work in different situations are a few examples. I also don’t mind if it takes a huge part of my time.

It feels good to introduce myself with what I am doing but it certainly does not define who I am. I have my own hobbies and interests, my origin and my personal attributes, which I believe actually define my identity. That’s how I would like to identify myself.

But these days, work has become so important that it automatically defines who you are. What you are doing automatically defines your identity, even if you do not want it to. I would like to identify myself as an outgoing person, who loves helping people, full of curiosity, fun loving and someone who wants to experience everything out there.