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Double French Braid Buns – Hairdos for girls on the go

Keeping your hair in place while going to the gym or playing sports can be a hassle. You want to be focused but hair on the face is hard to ignore. With these easy hairdos suggested by professional hairstylists, you will be able to concentrate on your game rather than the loose ponytail.

Double French Braid Buns

This hairstyle is suitable for women with thick hair. French braid your hair before your sweat sessions to keep them intact.

Materials needed

Hairbrush, two hair bands, bobby pins and U-pin


  1. Brush through the hair and part it where you normally would. Make sure to untangle your strands properly.
  2. Now continue the part down the back of the head so both halves are the same thickness.
  3. Tie off the right side to begin working with the left.
  4. Pick up a small section of hair near the forehead and divide it into three sections.
  5. Create a French braid by crossing the side strands over the middle strand.
  6. Begin incorporating hair into the braid and continue down to the nape of the neck.
  7. Once all the hair is brought in, braid to the ends and tie off with an elastic band.
  8. Let down the hair on the right side and repeat the previous steps creating a French braid.
  9. Take the hanging braid on the left side and wrap it counterclockwise into a spiral creating a small bun at the nape of the neck.
  10. Secure the edges of the bun with several bobby pins, sliding them into the centre of the bun.
  11. Take the hanging braid on the right side and wrap it clockwise into a second bun next to the first.
  12. Secure the bun with bobby pins.

Nishum Subba is working as a makeup-artist at Lashes Studio. Her work has been appreciated by many. She is currently assigned as the official makeup artist for Boogie Woogie.