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The one thing you should never compromise on in a relationship!

Dr. Dina Shrestha
Norvic International Hospital

I can think of a million things that one should never compromise in a relationship because the word itself doesn’t bring a smile on or a happy thought. I am a strong believer that one should evolve. Not change, not compromise, but evolve. But if it were an absolute and I had to choose only one thing then I guess it would be respect. Sounds very old school and redundant. Respect is not only like the respect we show our grandpa/ grandma but the various shades of respect like the kind of respect for who and what you truly are ,Respect for one’s individuality and respect for the values one holds.  If that kind of basic respect is there for the partner and from a partner I feel life’s actually full of life.

If there is that basic respect then I feel so many issues that haunt a relationship would be non existential in today’s world .

Simple examples: are with respect one would not be violent or abusive, which apparently is a big issue in our society .With respect children would be able to grow up in a much more dignified environment.

Respect will definitely make us much more confident working women who in return will be more productive and will help our society grow. So yes respect is on the top of my list for what not to compromise on in a relationship.