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ASMAN A Touch of Good in The Sky

Association of St. Mary’s Alumnae Nepal (ASMAN) has been working for the past 27 years as a non-profit committed to supporting under privileged children and women across Nepal. The association brings together former students of St. Mary’s High School, the most prestigious girls’ school in the country. ASMAN’s work and commitment encompasses support in the areas of health, education, environment, skill development, cultural awareness and personality development. Its mail goal is to live up to the school ideal – for knowledge, virtue and for the betterment of society through philanthropy. In this edition of Coffee Break, WOW spoke with six founder members of ASMAN about what it means to be a Marian and the key areas that ASMAN in currently engaged with. Excerpts:

Co-ordinated by: Rojina Adhikari

Dr. Kisu Rawal
Health Director, ASMAN

What are the traits of a Marian?

Confident, independent, classy.

How does the education here distinguish you from the rest?

St. Mary’s provided me with a strong moral compass and gave me a good foundation for my future education. As students, we were encouraged to be ambitious while also instilling a healthy dose of competition in each of us. I think that is what has made us St. Marian’s different from the rest.

Some key areas ASMAN is involved in…

ASMAN’s main areas of focus are in education and health. There are a lot other areas we work on, but since I am the health director, I would like to share some information with you and your readers about some of our health projects: We conduct health camps and also support organisations which work with children with special needs. Our current major project is helping children suffering from cancer. We have been able to secure funding for emergency treatment for children with cancer at Kanti Hospital. It will definitely make a huge difference to the families of patients. We are happy and satisfied that we are able to make a positive difference in the lives of people through this contribution.

What does giving back to society mean to you?

Giving back is something I learnt from my parents. It is not just about helping with money but also by giving time and energy. My father was also a doctor and he was always ready to help whenever he could. Even after a long day at work, he would never turn anyone away if they came to our house for consultation. My mother is the same. She is always ready to help, either by volunteering with different organisations or by giving time to friends and family whenever needed. Seeing both of them give back has impacted me a lot. To me, giving back to society means to create a compassionate society while keeping myself humble.

Best thing about being part of ASMAN…

We each bring our own unique skills and perspectives. Each one of us comes from different professional backgrounds and each have knowledge and experience to share. It is great to learn from other women. What is not to love about being surrounded by confident, independent and classy women?