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Do you read the news? How relevant is the news today? Do you believe what you read?

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I am an ardent newspaper reader with an appetite for quality content and information. I believe newspapers are reliable, comprehensive and are filled with varied prospective providing us with up-to-date information, which are convenient to navigate through.

In my opinion free press is a civic good and plays a strong role in daily life and in society as well.

In terms of relevance, it is utmost important for newspapers to employ journalists with investigative skills who are committed to ethics so that the readers are provided with news that are substantial and relevant. I would rate the standard of today’s journalism to be okay and coax them to do the best towards their job responsibility. The brutal reality is that currently there are plenty of options available for news and information. As for do “Do I believe what I read?” Yes I do believe what I read. Having said that, I would rather curate and verify the authenticity of news from all the information out there.