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WOW annual list of eligible bachelors 2016

Dr. Rabindra Lama

Age: 28
Location: Pokhara
Job Title/Profession: Dental Surgeon
Zodiac: I prefer not to live my life by Zodiac

He is dental surgeon by profession, serving in Chaurjahari Mission Hospital in Rukum. Hiking, singing, playing the guitar, painting, reading and football top his list of interests.



What attracts you to a woman?

Her virtue and confidence attract me

Three things a woman should know about you

I am a perfectionist, creative and down to earth person.

On a romantic date, you…

I would take her on a hike from where we would admire the beauty of nature and enjoy each others’ company. I am open to adventurous date ideas.

Relationship fear

I fear love can challenge my old identity and freedom. Sometime, it can also break connections with your family.

Baffling woman behaviour

Contentious and odious behaviour.

How do you show a woman that you are interested in her?

I would start out with being friends first. Moreover, I would give her my undivided attention and compliment her often but without being creepy.

Ideal age to settle down

Early 30’s for men and late 20’s for women.

How long should great sex last?

It shouldn’t matter how long it lasts. In my opinion, great sex should be determined by intimacy and a whole lot of love and respect for each other.

You know you are in love when

When, I love her despite her imperfections and put her priorities before mine.

How well educated should she be?

Education has no limits but it should be accompanied by practicality and sound worldview. However, I do respect uneducated but industrious women equipped with life skills.