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Should your relationship be the only priority for it to work?

Dr.Sushil Pakhrin Tamang (Consultant Anesthesiologist)

When you are with someone, I think more priority should be given to the relationship. However, it is not always about putting your partner first. It is more sustainable and fulfilling for partners to have a common goal and work towards it together. Love is important in any relationship. Sharing and understanding each other’s feelings and needs is what made it work for us.

Dr.Tseten Yonjen Tamang (Consultant Surgeon, Hepatobiliary Surgery and Liver Transplant)

I wish if life was so simple enough to allow us to prioritise just our partners. In reality, numerous priorities govern one’s relationship with one’s partner. A good wife, but a poor mother, a bad daughter in law and an unavailable daughter, isn’t really going to make the partner happy. So, I believe, it is the constant juggle to adequately and appropriately address numerous roles at any time that helps nurture a relationship. So, even though one’s partner shall always be the main priority, in an innately interdependent and intricately interconnected society like ours, it can surely not be the only one.