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Would You Take Your Wife’s Last Name?

Dr Sushil Pakhrin Tamang
MD Anesthesiology

I am an anesthesiologist and my wife is a liver transplant surgeon. Not long ago, we were attending a conference in Kathmandu about the first liver transplant done in Nepal. As we were talking to the liver transplant team from Korea, a senior surgeon from Nepal cracked a joke. He said, its ‘supposed to be that the husband is a surgeon and the wife an anesthesiologist.  That ‘supposed to be was meant as a joke,’ because he laughs loud. Wow indeed! That’s how we live in this country. I have always been very supportive of my wife and her career. But you get mocked at times for that. I believe men and women are both equal. One is no less than the other. We will get more productive if we work together in our full capacities. Regarding the question, to be honest, I find it strange. What we have to realise is that we are talking about equality here.  My answer is, “No. I would like to keep my name. And I want the same for my wife. I am from Tamang family. In our tradition, wives keep their name. They don’t change their name after marriage. We are equal.”