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Drunk on Love

If you want to impress your date this summer, here’s a list of high-end bars to visit in the capital.

Cloud Nine Lounge

The Tibetan themed bar resides at the Hotel Shambala. It offers an amazing outdoor setting with stunning views of the city. The service is excellent with the staff super attentive and friendly. The lounge offers a wide range of imported hand-picked wines, domestic and international beers and expertly prepared cocktails.


Shambala Rise
The signature mocktail has orange juice, grenadine syrup, lemon juice and is topped with whipped cream and splash of sprite. It has great flavours that will have you sipping on it all night.

Shirley Temple
This simple yet flavourful mocktail is served in a highball glass making it visually delightful. This refreshing drink has sprite, grenadine syrup, lemon juice and is garnished with a lemon wedge.

Strawberry Daiquiri
White rum, strawberry syrup, lemon juice and sugar makes this a sweet cocktail. A perfect option for those who prefer a low alcoholic drink.

Shambala Surprise
The signature cocktail is a concoction of orange juice, vodka, blue curacao, sugar garnished with a lemon wedge.


Poached Shrimp with Lemon
This well-presented dish is simply juicy and delicious. Its freshness is complemented by perfectly crisp romaine, bay leaf and horseradish dip.

Honey Spicy Chicken in Golden Cup
One of the most loved appetisers of the lounge, the crispy chicken is tossed in a sweet and spicy honey garlic sauce.

Roots Bar

Tucked in a small alley in Narsigh Chowk Thamel, the bar has an artistic appeal. The creativity that defines the bar’s atmosphere will set the tone to an extraordinary evening. Unicycle chairs and murals make up the bar’s ambience.


Kiss Under The Roots
Just like a kiss, this drink will leave you with a warm feeling in your first sip. Served in a champagne glass, the taste is dominated by the flavour of  strawberries

This is the Root’s special mocktail. It comes in a thick texture and is distinctly flavoured with vanilla garnished with long and tangy lapsi titauras.

Meow Meow
One of the best selling mocktails of the bar, this drink carries the perfect blend of sweet and sour.

Joker & Harlequinn
This cocktail reflects the popular villain couple’s love affair. It is served with a red rose-shaped lollipop.


Chicken Delight Pizza
The standard 12 inch freshly baked pizza is a feast of super-fresh flavours. The pie is crisp while the shredded chicken retains its juiciness.

Level 3

This buzzing bar is perched on the Labim Mall rooftop and offers a paranomic view of the city. With amazing lighting, contemporary décor and a drool-worthy cocktail list, the bar is party central and also offers middle-eastern cuisine to die for.


Sex On The Beach
One can never go wrong with this classic drink; a mixture of vodka, peach schnapps, orange and cranberry juice.

Peach Daiquiri
This cocktail gets you nice and tipsy made with rum, peach schnapps and grenadine and garnished with cherry and mint leaves.

This fairytale inspired cocktail has a colourful appearance and is very light to taste dominated by the flavours of orange and pineapple juice.

Mickey Mouse
This delicious mocktail can be enjoyed by people of all ages. A concoction of mango juice, vanilla ice cream and grenadine, the drink has a very youthful appearance and sweet taste.


Prawn Scampi
The sautéed prawns have a garlicky taste and is must try for seafood lovers.

Mixed Arabian Vegetarian Platter
The platter combines hummus, tabouleh, moutabel, baba ganoush, fattoush, falafel and pita bread.

Rox Bar

The Rox Bar is the perfect setting for a romantic date. An outlet of the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu, the bar flaunts a stylish ambience in granite, marble and wood. From the seating to the lighting, every corner spells elegance. The beverage menu perfectly complements its posh atmosphere offering a wide variety of single malts, wines and well-concocted cocktails and mocktails.


Soft Sangria
A mixture of various fruit juices such as cranberry, grape and lemon,this non-alcoholic version of Sangria is simply refreshing. It has a distinct fruity flavour that resembles sweet grape wine.

Strawberry Splash
At first, one might mistake this drink for a mocktail as the taste of vodka is subtle. This fruity cocktail is dominated by the flavour of strawberries.

Ginger Beer Mojito
This fizzy, refreshing drink offers a nice spicy kick of ginger. It is made with white rum, mint leaves, lemon and topped up with beer.


Lamb Seekh Kebab
The flavourful lamb seekh kebab is the perfect starters. Infused with ginger, garlic, spices, and cilantro, this succulent snack will leave you licking your fingers.