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Vegan Treats

While the greasiest sekuwas and the juiciest momos are certainly excitable to our taste buds, they are not quite healthiest food. WOW’s Aakriti Maya Aryal explores a few vegetarian, vegan and organic restaurants, each with their own unique philosophies on food and health.


Situated in the shopping streets of Thamel, Places Restaurant flaunts a cosy and colourful ambience. While the restaurant curates an exciting range of fusion dishes that are a must try, the Eggplant Chips is one of the best solutions to your veggie cravings. Inside the crisp, golden panko crust rests a well-seasoned, mealy eggplant that just melts in your mouth. This special dish encourages even the pickiest meat eaters to explore the world of vegetarian snacks, outside of plain old potatoes. For those with a sweet tooth, the Vegan Pumpkin Cake is surprisingly wholesome. The warm flavour of honey dominates the taste of this dessert, leaving your palate sweetened and stomach satisfied.

Where: Thamel
Contact: 01-4700413


Tucked into a cosy nook along the Boudhanath Stupa sits Bliss Pure Foods, a plant based restaurant with intention and mindfulness in every aspect of food preparation. Each dish served at Bliss embodies the Buddhist philosophy of focusing on food as a form of devotion and respect to nature’s bounty. The Shojin Set Meal, is a set comprising of organic rice with added enzymes, an assortment of seasonal vegetables either fermented in-house or tossed in homemade oil, tofu and tempeh prepared by hand, medicinal Chinese stew balanced with root vegetables/spices/herbs, fresh organic fruit and a house-brewed probiotics soda. The preparation of the meal itself involves meditative practices and promotes purity, believing in the spiritual and healing powers of what you put inside your body. One meal at Bliss Pure Foods will change your relationship with food for the rest of your life

Where: Boudha
Contact: 980-8732378


eThe Loving Heart Restaurant offers a variety of dishes that are familiar to the average restaurant goer including Nepali favourites such as momos, burgers, biryani and spaghetti. However, there is one special twist – it’s all vegan! One of Loving Hearts signature dishes is the Seitan Sadeko, a vegan version of the classic Newari dish, sukuti sadeko. Made of wheat and gluten, seitan is a popular meat substitute which has the unique ability to camouflage in every meat-centric dish, because of its adaptable flavour and dense, meat-like texture. Packing the perfect punch of sweet, spicy sour and savoury, this dish is indistinguishable from sukuti sadeko for sure.

Where: Thamel
Contact: 981-3738956

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