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Educating through the Arts

On July 7, Martin Chautari, an academic research institute in Thapathali, hosted a presentation by Sharareh Bajracharya and Muna Gurung. Bajracharya is the chairperson and a founding member of Srijanalaya, an organisation that provides safe spaces for children. Using the arts as an intervention in the education system, Srijanalaya regularly works with school teachers and children. After the 2015 earthquake, Srijanalaya launched Art Works Sangai Khelaun in collaboration with Shikshya Foundation Nepal to take arts education to communities in Nepal’s remote, marginalised districts. Since its inception, the program has travelled to Gorkha, Rasuwa, Mugu, Nawalparasi, Sindhuli, Dang and Sindhupalchok. This presentation titled “Educating through the Arts” focused on the Sindhupalchok edition. Bajracharya elaborated her organisation’s definition of the arts and deconstructed possible misconceptions. She also added that the organisation has taken a political stance and alluded to Nepal’s history of structural oppression and marginalisation of specific communities.