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empowHER – Comilina Bajracharya

Comilina Bajracharya
Age: 21
Impact Project: We can Do

Comilina Bajracharya’s idea – We Can Do – aims to uplift the status of women survivors of domestic violence in Lamatar community by providing them with small business opportunities to become economically resilient.

How do you define empowerment?
Empowerment is being able to put forward your opinion, your ideas and to be able to stand up for yourself and what is right.

What would you change about our society so that more women can lead empowered lives?
Patriarchy has its roots grounded so deep that bringing change is difficult but not impossible. In order to lead women to have empowered lives, I would want to bring change in the thinking of women themselves because in our society a woman is often not a good friend to another woman.