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empowHER – Palzom Pradhan

Palzom Pradhan
Age: 27
Impact Project: A Cup of Prosperity

Palzom Pradhan’s project – A Cup of Prosperity – focuses on providing innovative skills to female tea growers to enhance tea cultivation and livelihood.

What is the most important aspect of being an empowered woman?
My mentor once said, ideas not converted into action is just imagination. It is true that action is the currency of success. In other words, no good deed can be accomplished without effort. It is important that an empowered person translates his or her passion into concrete actions.

What would you change about our society so that more women can lead empowered lives?
In our society, we have a long history of raising daughters that are obedient and compliant. This is not helpful for either the personal unfoldment of a girl child or putting an end to the widespread patriarchy we face. I would encourage people to raise free-thinking, empowered daughters so that they can realise the true extent of their potential.