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empowHER – Samanta Thapa

Samanta Thapa
Age: 22
Impact Project: Redefine

Samanta Thapa project Redefine aims to uplift and enhance the capabilities of women domestic workers in Kathmandu.

How do you define empowerment?
Parents letting their children choose their own subject for higher studies so that they can excel in what they want to do is empowerment. Teaching my little nephew how to tie his own shoe laces so that he never needs to rely on someone else to tie his shoes is empowerment.

Empowerment, for me, is giving one the power through experience and exposure to become self-reliant. It is allowing people to make independent decisions, find creative solutions and lead a self sufficient life.

What would you change about our society so that more women can lead empowered lives?
I believe our society lacks a network of aspiring women who can influence and inspire one another. Women in leadership roles are still very competitive rather than collaborative. I would like to create and be a part of a network of young ambitious women who inspire each other to empower other girls and women as an example of empowerment, so that more women can lead empowered lives.