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empowHER – Sefina Joshi

Sefina Joshi
Age: 22
Impact Project: Period Positive

Sefina Joshi project idea is Happy to Bleed and is geared towards creating awareness about menstrual education among men and women in Nepal.

What is the most important aspect of being an empowered woman?
The most important aspect of being an empowered woman is courage. I believe education or other opportunities alone are not enough. If an individual is courageous and determined enough to do something in life then nothing can stop them for being empowered.

What would you change about our society so that more women can lead empowered lives?
Our society is more conservative and conventional especially in the context of women’s independence and freedom. I would change the perception regarding a woman’s duty towards her family and society which usually includes her responsibilities as daughter, mother, daughter in law, wife, sister and others. These responsibilities expect her to focus on the family rather than on herself and often pulls her back from achieving her potential.