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empowHER – Yashaswi Surana

Yashaswi Surana
Age: 18
Impact Project: S.H.E- Sanitation Health Environment

Yashaswi Surana’s project is called S.H.E- Sanitation Health and Environment. Her idea is to create women friendly restrooms in public spaces in Kathmandu via sanitation marketing.

How do you define empowerment?
For me, empowerment is not simply a word but a process which carries deep values. It is a multi-dimensional process of ingraining in people the power to have control over their lives, find their voice, and act on those values which are important to them and their society.

What is the most important aspect of being an empowered woman?
Being an empowered women is in itself important. However, challenging the assumptions of how things are and how they could be is an important part. Having the power to expand the chain of empowered women is of course the most important aspect.