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Ensuring Rights through Skills and Voice Project (ERSVP)

A project aimed at combating discrimination of the Dalit population in Siraha and Gorkha districts and to promote their access to economic, social and political rights, Ensuring Rights through Skills and Voice project is in its conclusive phase. The European Union funded project was jointly implemented by British Council Nepal, Association of Dalit Women Advancement of Nepal (ADWAN) and Nepal National Dalit Social Welfare Organization (NNDSWO). The major objectives of the project were to increase the participation of Dalit women (some disabled) in economic activities, and to build the capacity of community groups, including Dalit Civil Society Organisations and Community Based Organisations and government organisation working at the local level. The project had two major components (a) Access to Skills (b) Access to Voice. It conducted trainings in four different categories: vocational skills training, entrepreneurship skill development, social accountability tools, strategic planning workshop.

Out of 1700 Dalit women who were given training in skills development, 62.31 percent have succeeded to being earning approximately between Rs 1,000- to 30,000 per month.