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Erina Tamrakar


Erina Tamrakar is a visual artist with the Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Tribhuwan University. She has painting professionally since 1989. Her work focuses on women and conveys a strong commentary on women and their lives. She also explores images and forms of ancient times and emotions of female characters.

Erina is the co-founder of Kasthamandap Art Studio and E-Arts Nepal. She is the Assembly Member of Nepal Academy of Fine Arts and Executive member of JK Museum Pokhara.

In addition to her 15 solo exhibitions in Nepal and Korea, her works have been exhibited in many national and international galleries since 1990 including France, Tibet, India, Sri Lanka, South Korea, USA, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Dubai and Bhutan.

In 2008, she received a fellowship from Korea National University of Arts in South Korea. She is also the recipient of several awards and honours in Nepal and abroad.

What does art mean to you?
For me, art is my life and my profession.

Which medium do you like working with the most?
Recently, I prefer acrylic colour and working on canvas

Your inspiration…
I am always inspired by the society and environment where I live and have grown up in. I am especially inspired by the lives of village women with their sheer energy.

What does your work convey…
My recent painting speak about the social awareness for women.

erina_paintingYour best work…
My recent series ‘Third Eye’

Favourite Nepali artist
Shashi Shah, the most outstanding creative artist of Nepal.

One International Art Festival you would like to be part of and why?
I would like to participate in Venice Biennale since it has a long history and one of the best to showcase worldwide.

If you weren’t an artist, you would be…
A singer. Before studying fine art, I chose vocals at Lalit Kala campus. So singing has always been a passion.

Where can people contact you for your art…
Please visit the online gallery – www.eartsnepal.com – or visit Kasthamandap Art Studio in Kupondole

Future plans…
To create an artist residential studio in Kathmandu.