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How would you react to your child coming out as gay?

Euden Koirala
People and Organisational Development Manager at WaterAid UK

If such a situation arrives, realistically, it will be very difficult for a parent to accept it, especially in our society. But it should not have anything to do with anybody other than the family itself. The parents should deal with this very carefully keeping in mind the discomfort and emotion of the child.

If I were in such a situation,  I would try to take it calmly. I would go for a long walk with my child and talk more about it. First I would try to understand how s/he feels about the whole thing and how s/h plans to deal with it. I believe it is most important not to make your child feel embarrassed about the situation but rather make her/him understand that sexual preference is not under anybody’s control. Sometimes children may also be confused and influenced. Communicating and understanding them completely is of utmost important.