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Fashion Q’s with Prabal Gurung

Famed fashion designer Prabal Gurung’s creations have adorned the rich and famous internationally. In Kathmandu recently, we asked him a few fashion questions…


Three must haves in a woman’s wardrobe

A good conscience, integrity, and compassion. So those are the three must-haves….and in terms of material life, a good sense of stuff and everything else falls into place.

A fashion NO-NO

I don’t really believe in fashion no-nos. I think the only fashion no-no I would say is dressing age-appropriate.

What makes a woman beautiful…

Her confidence, sense of self, her awareness of where she stands and the relationship that she has with the rest of the world.

A complete turn off


A style tip for Summer 2016

Not short of colourful, exciting and daring

A classic that every woman should invest in

A good red dress

For the vertically challenged

A good red dress with great heels

High heels or flats

High heels

Casual or dressed up to the nines

Dressed up to the nines, always! (laughs)

Simple or outrageous

Outrageous. You just live once!