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Focus on the Present and Future, Not just the Past

Aging is associated with looking back. We need ageing to focus on the present and the future. Remember Colonel Hatti – the animated elephant from Jungle Book by Disney? The elephant always begins with, “When I was in the army…..” And the little elephant says “Here we go again?” The real challenge is aging is perceived as backward looking. This needs to change.

Nepal has real challenges that require real solutions. If you have any ideas on the way ahead, you are relevant. If you begin the sentence by saying, “ When I saw the king in…..so on and so new-beginnings-foto-1forth….and I wanted to tell him….this and that….?” That’s what people do not want to hear. Is your idea relevant to the situation we have now and here? It does not really matter how old you are, you may think people care, no one cares unless you make it an issue and draw attention to the fact that you happen to be ageing. Look at and learn from Satya Mohan Joshi, what an icon.

We have always said and convinced ourselves that change is the only constant. We now know things that we would never know before. We were shielded by the “official media’ and options were few. Today those who have internalised change have done well. In politics, business or in every aspect of society, we see people take risks and do quite well for themselves. People know their rights and are willing to organise themselves to defend these rights. If we keep referring to the past when things were good for yourself, you lose that relevance. The problem with ageing is that it seems to look back and not at the present and the future.

There also seems to be a bit of romanticism about looking at the past. It may have been good for you, but for many there was nothing. Today we may be uncomfortable of the fact that things work for many and not a few. In this context, we must stay relevant to society’s needs of the present and the future. We need to leave the past behind because we are not going that way. Frankly I am very uncomfortable in the way many former bureaucrats talk of people they ruled over. The level of generalisation used based on ethnicity or gender are discriminatory and not to be accepted in the present.

The past gives us the experience we need to take on the challenges of the present and the future. Ageing needs to be taken up as an asset only as far as to know that we have the needed experience on how not to do things. The key questions then are: Do we have the skills and knowledge to go forward? Have we sharpened our tools and added to our toolboxes? Do we speak the language of today to be able to communicate with others?

This is where Bihani Social Ventures adds value. The team and its leader Santoshi Rana are determined to make you relevant in the world of the present and the future. They are in the business of ensuring you have those skills and tools to move ahead. They know you have special needs and know how to match you up with the people who can take care of these needs. The Bihani team wants you to join networks, have fun and come up with ideas, projects and programs that you can engage in for today and the future. At this critical time of crisis in Nepal, we need everyone to give their best. We need to work as individuals and as members of teams. We need to look at the future that we seek and then work towards achieving it. This is a new day and a new morning, a new Bihani indeed.

About Anil Chitrakar – Anil is a trained Engineer and Energy Planner who has received the Ashoka fellowship, the Rolex Award and the Silicon Valley Tech Award for his work. He is a renowned Social Entrepreneur and also the Co-founder of Himalayan Climate Initiative. Anil has also written a book called ”Take the Lead (Nepal’s future has begun)” which is dedicated to everyone who still believes in Nepal and the collective wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit of the Nepali people.

Bihani is a social venture born out of the need to create a positive outlook to life and living meaningfully with focus on individuals above fifty years of age (but not restricted to it) who want to re- engage, re – explore and re – live a new beginning or create a rewarding second half of their lives.

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