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Follow your dreams – It’s never too late!

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.” Oprah Winfrey

Once in a while, you come across individuals who inspire you to set goals and dream of things you want to do or should do in your lifetime. One such couple is Danny and Yael Schechter who have taken a break from their work and family in Israel to travel around Asia contributing towards positive change. new-beginningIn Nepal for a month, they volunteered with IsraAid, Bihani Social Ventures and Social Partners besides other organisations. At Bihani they gave training on the Capacitar Emergency Toolkit. The Capacitar Emergency Tool Kit includes body-mind-spirit practices such as:

  • Tai Chi meditation, Pal Dan Gum and body movement
  • Visualisation and breathwork
  • Active listening and simple psychotherapeutic skills
  • Acupressure for alleviating pain and stress
  • Fingerholds for managing emotions
  • Energy tapping modalities
  • Hand massage, seated massage and polarity
  • Work with the energy system and chakras
  • And other wellness modalities
    (Learn more about it at: http://www.capacitar.org/about.html)

Danny, 57, is a social worker who has worked in the rural countryside of north Israel involved in projects related to the elderly, communities and physically challenged. Yael, 56 worked privately with children and parents through music and movement workshops.

Throughout their lives, they worked separately but always dreamt of working together some day which they have fulfilled now conducting sessions and workshops together. Read on to know a little more about Danny and Yael:

What made you travel around Asia?
In Israel it is mandatory to join the army after reaching 18 years of age and usually after the term is complete, youngsters take a year’s break to travel around the world. But we couldn’t travel as we started our family early. And now, since our four children are all grown up, we decided to travel to Asia. We wanted to know the culture and meet people. In order to make our journey more meaningful and purposeful, we thought of volunteering and providing Capacitar Training wherever we went.

Was it easy to convince people about Capacitar and its need?
Yes. We found it easy to convince them. We felt that Nepalese people are open to ideas and learn things easily. If we go to the Western part of the world it is hard because they think that it is something they already know or is part of the culture. So it becomes hard to convince them.

What change do you want to see after providing Capacitar training?
Our dream is to continue Capacitar. We will be really glad if people around the world learn and practice it. We want to see people empowering themselves as well as others which will ultimately help to develop humanity.

Danny and Yael are headed to India next.

Prakriti Niraula is a student from St Xavier’s, Maitighar currently doing her Social Work Field Placement at Bihani Social Venture.

To know more about Bihani visit or contact- 9813228579