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Free Spirited – Marcia Adhikari’s Accessories

A newcomer in the jewellery industry, Marcia Adhikari’s Accessories is getting attention and accolades for its fun and minimalist designs. Turning her hobby into a career, Marcia hopes that in the coming years, she is able to expand her brand with a more artistic collection of jewellery and also include other products.


Why a career in jewellery design?

I never really planned for a career in jewellery designing and it’s not something I went to school to learn. However, I did always enjoy free hand drawing and spent a lot of my time sketching different things… and this is what came of it, quite randomly.

How would you describe your brand?

Marcia Adhikari Accessories is a series of sassy and fun accessories but at the same time it gives you the feeling of wearing something authentic, something ‘branded’ that is ‘Made in Nepal’. I don’t want to constrict my brand as a jewellery brand because it’s not. I only have bracelets at the moment but I will be incorporating a few more new products (which are not jewellery) by the end of this year.

As a beginner, how have you coped with the demands of the industry?

Honestly, I think it’s quite easy in terms of ‘living up to the demands of the market’ as a beginner because the pressure is less. It’s been about seven months since I started and my customer base is only starting to grow gradually, so I don’t feel any pressure yet.


How are your designs different?

My designs are very minimalist in contrast to the heavy conventional designs. Every single piece is handcrafted individually. They are fun and modern designs but are also traditional. Every piece is symbolic of something. They are perfect gifts to give to your close ones as a symbol of good luck, protection, and wellbeing.

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Where can one purchase your creations?

Everything I have available is marketed through my Instagram page: @marciaadhikariaccessories. To place an order, customers can either direct message me on Instagram, or inbox me on facebook: Marcia Adhikari Accessories.