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Fresh Forward

WOW teams up with three talented fashion photographers to know their the next promising face in the modelling industry. We collaborated with young creative – makeup artists and fashion designers to bring you a fashion spread true to the spirit of innovation and creativity.

Coordinated by: Anushka Shrestha
Location: Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu

Panel of judges

Sanjog Rai

Pawan Joshi

Anjil Maskey


Aayush Shrestha
Instagram: aayyuus

Model: Anusha Adhikari
Height: 5’5
Vital stats: 34-27-36
Instagram: anusha_adhikari_

Anusha is someone who has a lot of expectations from herself. She not only wants to prove herself but also raise the bar for the industry.
“I’m still relatively new in this industry, but I am determined to leave a mark. I am eager to take on out-of-the-box projects and learn from my experiences.”

Designer: Erina Shrestha
Erina’s designs majorly comprise of formals and semi-formal outfits. She works a lot with Nepali fabrics. Currently, she runs a design studio called Lakhey Nepal.
Instagram: lakhey_nepal, erinashresthaa

MUA: Larisha KC
Larisha’s passion started two years back when she was just 17 and she is already recognised for her creativity.
Instagram: zaynrisha

Model: Monika Shrestha
Height: 5’4
Vital stats: 33-26-36
Instagram: akiinom_

Ever since Monika stepped into the modelling industry she has been a part of many commercial shoots. Her confidence is what makes her stand apart. She is currently studying fashion at IEC.

“Modelling is more than just having a beautiful face or a perfect body. It is about character, balance and proper discipline. The world is evolving and so is the modelling industry. People are beginning to embrace themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin. And that makes me very happy because then it’s about self-love and acceptance.”

Designer: Sarina Budathoki
A recent graduate from Namuna College of Fashion Technology, Sarina’s designs reflect elegance, femininity and power.
Instagram: sarinabudathoki

MUA: Sanju Tamang
Sanju Tamang started as a professional makeup artist in 2014. She believes that simplicity is elegance and hence prefers the minimal look.
Instagram: sanjutmang11

Model: Anushma Rayamajhi
Height: 5’9
Vital stats: 33-25-28
Instagram: anushma_r

Anushma has never failed to impress with her bold looks and confident stance. Whether it is editorial shoots or ramp shows, she has been slaying every project. A risk taker, Anushma is all set to make her mark.

“I want to bring more androgynous fashion into the everyday market. I also want to promote sustainable fashion trends and address global problems keeping the indigenous and cultural elements alive.

Designer: Uzu Shrestha
A recent graduate from Namuna College of Fashion, Uzu ‘s designs are mostly contemporary with youthful elements. She blends eye-catching aesthetics to make each piece unique.
Instagram: uzukoavenue

MUA: Shriya Shrestha
Shriya has been working as a makeup artist since 2014. She has been appreciated for her ability to create different looks and experiment.
Instagram: tarisamakeup

Model: Priyana Acharya
Height: 5’2
Vital stats: 30-24-34
Instagram: priyanaacharya

Priyana is extremely expressive and a photographers delight.
She says: “I am not the typical model with long legs and a sharp jaw line, but I am happy just as I am. I am not here to be just a model, I want to be a role model to young girls and show that you can be confident in your own skin and follow your dreams just the way you are.”

Designer: Samrat Chamling Rai
Samrat’s designs are full of grace and elegance, and his outfits have been donned by some of the most well-known actors in the country.
Instagram: samrat_couture

MUA: Kirti Joshi
Kirti is a certified makeup artist who did her course from SMA, Thailand. She has been working as a makeup artist for two years now.
Instagram: kirtii.joshii

Model: Sadikshya Dahal
Height: 5’8
Vital stats: 34-26-36
Instagram: sadikshya45

Young and sassy Sadikshya has many fashion photo shoots to her credit. She blends confidence with humility Which makes her a pleasure to work with.
“I would like to see and bring new conceptual and creative ideas. Fashion shoots are hard work and I  respect each and every crew members for their time and effort.”

Designer: Aagya Khanal
Aagya is currently in her second year of a fashion designing course. Although a student, she has already showcased her work at a fashion show and been appreciated for it.
Instagram: sansa_by_aagya

MUA: Shreeja Shrestha
Shreeja has been working as a makeup artist since 2015 and has worked on many well-known celebrities in the industry. She also offers makeup classes.