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What makes them best friends? Do they fight? Does fame affect friendship? What is their friendship code? Some of our K-town favourites share their friendship stories with WOW.


It is said that friendship lasts longer if you share the same kind of humour. Their sense of humour and bro-mance is definitely strong! Theirs is a bond of eight years.

What makes you best friends?

Aayushman: Neither of us has to say a word to understand each other.
Maaz: Stuff.

How did you meet?

Aayushman: Long story short, his friend’s friend was my friend’s friend.
Maaz: Back when we were young, dumb and broke (now we’re slightly less young, slightly less dumb and surprisingly more broke), his sandwich guy and my sandwich guy were best friends and it was destiny.

Did you hit off immediately?

Aayushmaan: Immediately would be an understatement.
Maaz: Took us about three minutes.

Did you egg each other on to do bad things?

Aayushman: We would egg ourselves to do bad things together.
Maaz: I don’t egg people, I people egg (What!)

Has your friendship ever been tested?

Aayushman: Distance could not even chink the armour.
Maaz: Yes, by being testy.

What do you like best about each other?

Aayushman: Food habits.
Maaz: He has excellent decision making skills in choosing a best friend.

What would it take for you to fall out?

Aayushman: Nothing. Period.
Maaz: A cliff with irresistibly blue water down below.

Friendship is…

Aayushman: Giving a piece of your chicken to the other person.
Maaz: Pyaar dosti hain, dosti pyaar hain. (Mrs Braganza: “What  an absolutely delightful thought Maaz”)

How have you influenced each other?

Aayushman: By not being influential.
Maaz: By being influential.

Why does your friendship work?

Aayushman: Basically because we work.
Maaz: Every friendship/relationship has its own dynamics, ours is simpler than most. Also, a lot of food is involved.

5 friendship codes…


  1. Bros before any fashion shows.
  2. If mums are in the room use code words for stuff.
  3. Friends do not gaze when naked.
  4. Get two desserts.
  5. Follow friend codes 1,    2, 3 and 4.


  1. If we are spending the night at my place, I get the lamp side of the bed.
  2. A chicken has two legs, one for me and the other one also for me. Therefore, get two chickens.
  3. Never watch replays on FIFA unless there is a nod of mutual agreement between both parties.
  4. You are not really best friends unless you are sipping tea with your best friend’s parents and wondering where is the damn dinner which he was expected to bring like 20 minutes ago. I blame you for my gastritis ADSJ!
  5. If I shave your back you have to shave my back too.

Do you socialise much together?

Aayushman: We have actually never met.
Maaz: No we’re best friends but we have never really hung out.

Has fame affected your friendship at any point?

Maaz: Wait. Who is Aayushman? (bujne lai gazal na bujne lai puzzle)

Do you discuss your relationships?

Ayushman: In such depths that we kind of make ourselves feel uncomfortable at times.
Maaz: That was a more close ended question than I had expected. Yes, we do discuss our relationships.

Do you get along with each other’s partners?

Aayushman: Yes he does.
Maaz: Thank you for thinking I have a partner. (*wipes tears)