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What makes them best friends? Do they fight? Does fame affect friendship? What is their friendship code? Some of our K-town favourites share their friendship stories with WOW.


From winning prestigious titles together, sharing crowning moments and enjoying motherhood at the same time, Zenisha and Kunchhang reflects the ultimate friendship goals.

What makes you best friends?

Zenisha: We laugh at the same things. In a world where everything is so calculated we do not think too much and we love without expectations.
Kunchhang: Fact that she gets me and my thoughts so well makes us one.

How did you meet?

Zenisha and Kunchhang: We knew of each other but we met and bonded during Miss Teen 2006.

Do you have nicknames for each other?

Zenisha: She calls me Zaan and I call her Punchie or Kanchu.
Kunchhang: We even have a hashtag.

Has your friendship ever been tested?

Zenisha: For me, nobody can test my friendship as I am very protective of Kunchhang. People do not dare to say anything negative about her in front of me. And I would never test it myself because I believe in it too much to think otherwise.
Kunchhang: Tested? Not that I can remember but when she was doing her MBA in UK, we did not get to talk very often and that would upset me at times.

What do you like best about each other?

Zenisha: She is the funniest person I know. She can bring humour to the most serious situations and can laugh at herself too. She says it as she sees it, and makes no qualms about it. She is a very good human being, innocent and all heart!
Kunchhang: She is really smart and that is her best quality.

What would it take for you to fall out?

Zenisha: Trust me I really gave this question a thought and I have no answer. Maybe if gravity became weak, we would both fall off this planet but our friendship would sustain even that.
Kunchhang: If she ever slaps me! (laughs).

Friendship is…

Zenisha: The family you choose the bond you create and the love you share.
Kunchhang: Togetherness.

How have you influenced each other?

Zenisha: I am normally an extremist.  Its either black or white for me, nothing in between, whereas, she is more on the grey side. She is more mature and diplomatic and maybe she’s rubbed that on to me in some cases.
Kunchhang: She can talk about almost everything under the sun and moon, it really inspires me.

Why does your friendship work?

Zenisha: There is no baggage and no pressure. We communicate well with each other, and a lot.
Kunchhang: Because we do not put our noses in each other’s life. We’re very close but still have our share of privacy. That keeps us going.

5 friendship codes

Zenisha: Trust, respect, communicate, help and love.
Kunchhang: I just have one. If you mess with her, you mess with me.

Has fame affected your friendship?

Zenisha: Neither of us thinks of ourselves as famous. We laugh at the fact that people even recognise us sometimes. Fame is external and too far away for us to be affected by it.
Kunchhang: No. I’ve not been that active in media for a long time now but she is. So, I just support her.

Do you discuss your relationships?

Zenisha: We discuss all our relationships from parents to in-laws to husbands and babies, other friends, colleagues, housekeepers, babysitters, just about everything.
Kunchhang: Sometimes.

When have you been grateful for each other?

Zenisha: While I was pregnant. She had just given birth so she knew exactly how I was feeling and had the right advice all the time. Even today with every little development I keep her posted and she knows exactly what to say to help me.
Kunchhang: Sharing the Miss Nepal crowning ceremony together was and is my best moment with her.

Do you share any hobbies?

Zenisha: I think the most differences we have is in the hobbies department. I am more sporty, love swimming and outdoorsy stuff which makes me a little more tom-boyish. She’s very girly, she likes wearing makeup and is always dressed well, and she watches TV, Kapil Sharma and wrestling, and hates swimming. She always has the prettiest groomed nails whereas I bite mine. She likes going out and dancing but I am sleepy by 10 pm. I think the only thing in common is our love for food so we eat out a lot.
Kunchhang: Now that we are mummies, all we do is talk about our baby girls.

Has having babies changed anything in your friendship?

Zenisha: It has made it deeper and more meaningful, if anything. She had a baby girl and was really hoping I had a girl too, so when I found out I took pink cupcakes to her house to break the news. Having our girls and being on the same journey together has really helped us bond and grow. Our girls have no choice but to be friends and I hope they can find the love and friendship in each other like the one their mothers share.
Kunchhang: Sharing pregnancy thoughts to being pregnant together and having babies just five months apart, it has been a great ride.