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What makes them best friends? Do they fight? Does fame affect friendship? What is their friendship code? Some of our K-town favourites share their friendship stories with WOW.


There is something about childhood friends that no one can replace. This is the bond shared by childhood besties Niti and Shivali.

How long have you been friends for?

Niti and Shivali: 17 Years

What makes you best friends?

Niti: There’s this connection…she understands me so well. She knows how I am and how I function and can easily handle me in my good or bad times.
Shivali: The capability to understand each other without even having to say a word.

How did you meet?

Niti: Kindergarten I held her hand for the first time when she entered the class

Has your friendship ever been tested?

Niti: Yes so many times. We have had our ups and down but we have matured a lot over the years and so has our friendship.
Shivali: Of course! We would fight with each other a lot because we were very possessive about each other.

What do you like best about each other?

Niti: We understand each other so well. I know what she is up to even if she is hiding something from me and vice versa.
Shivali: I like that she is a very strong and independent woman. She pays for her own education and takes really good care of her loved ones.

Friendship is…

Niti: Being there through thick and thin and showing the correct path for your friend.
Shivali: Having a bond that time or distance does not alter.

How have you influenced each other?

Niti: She has always pushed me to do better things in life.
Shivali: She has influenced me in many ways. She has always motivated me.

Why does your friendship work?

Niti: We grew up together so we are like-minded, our likes and dislikes are and more importantly we understand and respect each other whilst keeping differences aside.
Shivali: Our friendship works because we have been brought up in the same way and we share the same values. So, I guess that makes a lot of things easier for us to understand about each other.

5 friendship codes…

Niti: Trust, loyalty, understanding, fun and space.
Shivali: It’s the same for me. We share the same principles on this.

Do you socialise much together?

Niti: Yes but she is always studying as she is in her final year (MBBS). Whenever we hang out, as soon as she gets free time she takes out her big book and starts studying.
Shivali: Yes, as far as our schedules allow us, we try to meet once a week and catch up

Has fame affected your friendship at any given point in time?

Niti: No, not at all but she tells me she gets a lot of questions about me from outsiders. Sometimes she gets too many requests and messages and tells me not to tag her in any of our photos (laughs).
Shivali: No. It has not. And I do not think it ever will.