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What makes them best friends? Do they fight? Does fame affect friendship? What is their friendship code? Some of our K-town favourites share their friendship stories with WOW.


Whether it’s slaying the fashion game, partying or bonding over a cup of coffee, Siwangi and Aastha are always by each other’s side.

What makes you best friends?

Aastha: The love, comfort and trust we share with each other. She has been a constant in my life when so much is always changing in your 20s, so, it is that bond which keeps us close.
Siwangi: A bond of trust and caring is what makes us best friends. The fact that we know that we are there for each other during tough times more than during good times has been the key to being best friends.

How did you meet?

Aastha: We met on the sets of a photo shoot, she asked me to do her eyeliner I did not really know how to do it well but I winged it anyway.

Did you hit it off immediately?

Aastha: I think our friendship took its time and developed organically. As for my first impression, I thought she was cute and approachable, I still do not know what she thought of me.
Siwangi: It started there but you don’t become best friends over night.

Has your friendship ever been tested?

Aastha: We have had a lot of physical distance, living in different cities and many life events away from each other that could have drifted us apart but it did not. We always pick up right where we left off.
Siwangi: Many a times, there have been situations which could have drifted us apart but we had faith in each other and here we are winners!

What do you like best about each other?

Aastha: I like how open, honest, confident, ambitious and positive she is.
Siwangi: I like her honesty, straight forward attitude and the respect for our friendship.

What would it take for you to fall out?

Aastha: We have both matured over time and are quite honest with each other so there is an open conversation or at least understanding when one of us might say or do something that the other does not like. I don’t think we will have fallouts and such.
Siwangi: A lifetime! We have been through the phase where falling apart was possible but we have passed our litmus tests of time and trust.

Friendship is…

Aastha: Integral to staying sane and happy in life.
Siwangi: I absolutely agree with Aastha. But you don’t make friends with a purpose; happiness is outcome of a good friendship.

How have you influenced each other?

Aastha: I can be sulky and too laid back at times so her energy rubs off on me and I get motivated to do more of the things I love and be productive as well as get out there and enjoy life.
Siwangi: Aastha has achieved heights in her professional career which was only a dream for many and she still is so grounded. I have learnt that no dream is too big from her and at the same time staying close to your loved ones is what happiness is.

Why does your friendship work?

Aastha: On the surface we may look very different but I think the friendship works because we share the same core values and support and love each other without conditions or motives.
Siwangi: Probably the very essence of humanity… that we respect and care for each other.

5 friendship codes

Aastha: Communication, love, respect, encouragement and making time for each other.
Siwangi: Love, trust, conversations, travel and support.

Do you socialise much together?

Aastha: We socialise together as well as in different circles.
Siwangi: We both do not socialise much in general, but we meet often during various parties and social events.

Has fame affected your friendship at any time?

Aastha: Not negatively, I don’t think so.
Siwangi: Fame and work has kept us distanced because Aastha had been spending a lot of time in India to pursue her career but we have never felt the air of fame between us.

When have you been grateful for each other?

Aastha: Always grateful to have her in my life in good times and bad. It was especially a joy to be by her side when she got married last year.
Siwangi: I am lucky to have Aastha in my life and I am ever grateful for that. I celebrated my bachelorette party with her in Bombay and she was there throughout during my wedding period when I wanted my best friend close to me and I am grateful to her for that.

How do you complement each other professionally?

Aastha: She is good at what she does and a joy to work with. We have worked together before and this year we are looking forward to doing a few projects together and I am really looking forward to it.
Siwangi: Aastha has been leading the way on ramps and shoots, whereas I am designing outfits. By virtue of our profession, we do learn a lot from each other. Aastha is also doing the art direction for my next photo shoot.