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Among various life events, a wedding is considered the most precious where two individuals become a unit. WOW brings you the story of two young couples – what brought them together, a glimpse into their love story, and what marriage means.


Sanjog and Barsha need little introduction. Sanjog is a food and beverage industry entrepreneur. He also has business interests in a furnishing venture and is widely known as an actor. Barsha is well established actor with many blockbuster movies to her credit such as like Nai Nabhannu La 4, Chakka Panja, Chakka Panja2, Jatra, Jatrai Jatra and Gopi.

Sanjog and Barsha met eight years ago at the Mandala Theatre during an audition. Sanjog was attracted by Barsha’s bubbly personality and for Barsha it was love at first sight. She recalls her first impression, “He came on a stylish bike, all dressed in black. He was handsome, calm, composed and serious about his work,” she reveals. Barsha initiated the conversation by asking for acting tips. “I was nervous and his audition was brilliant. I needed advice, and at the same time it was a good excuse to break the ice,” she says.

“I wanted it to last for as long as possible,” recalls Sanjog about their first date. The love birds got married on Valentine’s Day last year among family and close friends followed by a large wedding reception that had the film fraternity, social and political figures in attendance.

About marriage, Sanjog and Barsha share, “It is sharing the beautiful journey of life, taking baby steps together to an unknown destination, which eventually will become a great story to tell in the days to come. Marriage provides both individuals families beyond blood relations. It is a chance to become responsible and connected to others and yourself. It makes you selfless, patient, understanding and mature.


Sudipa is a model known for her sharp features, bold personality and smart wit. She is also the Project Coordinator of Future Works Building Solutions. Sambhav is a fashion photographer who manages digital marketing at Enoia Creatives.

They met during a photo shoot in 2015 in Bhaktapur. Sudipa was the model and Sambhav was the photographer. They spoke very little at the shoot but later Sudipa added Sambhav on her Facebook account. Viber chats and messaging drew them closer and a respectful friendship blossomed into love. They met regularly after the first date. Sambhav and Sudipa walked from Pulchowk to Baneshwor every evening after her college talking, laughing and singing songs. “The special thing about our relationship is our friendship. We are married now, but we are still the same people we were when we met for the first time,” Sambhav reflects.

The couple got married in February 2019 in Sudipa’s hometown, Chitwan. Since Sambhav had to return to Barcelona to pursue his photography studies immediately after the wedding, his mother mother planned a trip to Europe for Sambhav’s sister and Sudipa.

The couple shares that there is not much difference between life before and after marriage. “At times we forget that we are married. It feels like we are in a live-in relationship. We visit our parents every week and enjoy a meal with them,” shares Sambhav.

“We are not the typical married couple; we are more like friends and focused on our careers at this point” states Sudipa adding, “Marriage is not a conclusion. If you are happy when you are in the relationship, you will be happy after marriage too. It is all about enjoying each other’s companionship.”